Sprayer Glove

Sprayer Glove

Model ONE Glove.1

Our Model ONE Glove is for all who Love the thinnest possible glove on the market.

The Sprayer Glove is inspired from graffiti. As graffiti is one of the worlds most hated, loved, criminalized and diverse kind of art. We can´t help to be inspired by it and by so we created the Sprayer Glove, that goes as a prayer to all graffiti artist out there..

Model ONE Glove.1
Pris: 299kr.
Price: 36usd.

- Super Slick Fit.
- Sexiest grip in the Business.
- Hyper Vented fingers for extra smooth coolness.
- Hardon power Velcro Wristwraps.
- Est Tmrw logo to remember you TO Establishing your Tomorrow.
- Ultra Lightweight Material, 49grams per pair in size Medium.
- The 1:1 Love:Glove Fit. Makes you not want to wear another glove.
- Ample Ventilation throughout the whole Glove.

- Synthetic Leather Palm.
- Conductive Fingers.
- Breathable Polyester Topside.
- Neoprene Wristwrap.
- Rubber Velcro Strap.